Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and i need to check on that pepper plant

i am so in love with Chewy today. he stayed with me last night, as he does every night, but last night was rough. and he stayed with me and licked my face and cuddled with me when i needed it. then this morning when i went out to have a smoke, he went out with me and didn't run away. he's just being all kinds of endearing.

i ate two pieces of raisin toast yesterday. the day before, i had two spanikopita triangles. i think this is just a seasonal thing. or do i never want to eat? no, i go through phases. i just went through a heavy eating phase where i gained my winter weight. it's just coming off, now. this is just part of a cycle.

i have to call about my halcion today. i want sleep. real, uninterrupted sleep.

i'm not going off on a rant about the shooting in CA this weekend. I agree with Michael Moore on this one. There is just no point in saying anything, this is normal in our country, and will continue to be as long as the NRA has the control it has. i'm done talking about it. for now. maybe the next one will touch me, but i think i'm too numb.

the "metal mouth" is strong today. ugh. and the kitchen smells like fish. doc is marinading fish that was on the verge of going bad. it isn't a bad fish smell, just strong. i hope he cooks that today. but my coffee tastes like quarters.

i got smart last night, and prepped my coffee before i went to bed. all i had to do was turn the machine on this morning. it was sweet. it brewed while i sat on the porch and smoked. i walked back into a house that smelled like coffee instead of fish for a few minutes.

we waited too long to do the grass and the flowers. i'm going to do the flowers anyway, but it's so hot so early now. it's going to cool off a bit for a couple of days. we're just really great procrastinators. and we both do it with perfection.

chore time. my head is together. i want to get the watering done before the sun gets high. and i need to check on that pepper plant.

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