Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

have a nice night

today is weird. doc is working overtime from 6am to 3 pm. so i stayed up all night to wake him up. then went to sleep until 7. i have to go back to sleep. but i'm not the least bit tired. i should be. my schedule is all messed up. not as bad as his, though. he has to be back at work at 1am.

i think i might go to bed to sleep. maybe not. maybe couch. good tv is on and i want to sleep to it.

i thought i had stuff to write, but i don't right now. i'll write more later.

. . .

doc finally went to bed. i can have the computer back. he's become obsessed with some game and plays it constantly in his downtime. he gets so little down time, i let him have the computer.

i think i may have lost the pepper plant today. it was 104. i re-watered at sundown. hopefully it will snap back. and the cilantro on one side of the pot is all wilted, i suspect a cat has peed on it. i'm going to put the pot up on the table to avoid that in the future.

i should be laying down, but the damn dog got out, so i'm waiting on him to get back. there was confusion at the back door with some cats and he just snuck out, that's the second time he's done that. the other day i didn't even know he was gone until he came back. not cool.

now i don't have anything to say. i've had a busy day and i just want to watch tv and zone out. have a nice night.

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