Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

from saturday

you know, i get these headaches every time i get my period. i think there's a connection. i call them caffeine headaches because that is what usually cures them, copious amounts of caffeine. but i was sitting, thinking about it while slurping coffee and realized this happens every month about the same time. this one is finally going away. it's been an hour.

doc took me down a grade or two in weed. unfortunately, i need to smoke a bit more to get where i want to be (which he thinks is on Neptune, but i'm just looking for that calm place). and doc is giving me the same amount (well, .2 grams extra for menses) and i'm going to be out. this is a nightmare, it was so much easier when i was a thief. sure, i was nervous all the time and guilty as all hell, but i was stoned. and i'm such an addict acting person, i just let that consume me. bad. i should just quit. right. no. i need to just regulate. smoke slower, take longer breaks between smokes. not smoke a full bowl at one time. break it down into sections. i've given this a lot of thought.

the squash sprouts exploded in their pot. already it seems too small for them. i don't know if i should pull a few or if i should let them fight it out. the wax beans were a bust. i got one sprout, though it seems strong and big. the marigolds and daisy sprouts are exploding, as well. i may have to find two places to plant them. there may be too many plants for the terra cotta bowl i'm wanting to use. i didn't know so many seeds would sprout. i thought only about half would. so i kind of overplanted.

so give me a break, i'm new at this gardening thing. doc and i had a house in PA and planted a small garden and planted everything too close and ended up with a huge mess that was nearly impossible to harvest. but we got some good lavendar out of it. and i think we got cherry tomatoes, too. it was a long time ago. god, doc and i have been together forever.

we decided not to go to the Paws for the Cause thing today to get free microchips for simon and felix. they have chihuahuas there for $40 and we just knew that one would come home with us, and that would be a mistake. we have limited resources and i don't think Chewy would deal well with another dog. i don't know. as long as it bonded with doc and not me. there will be other free microchip events that won't include ridiculously cheap adoption fees that we just can't resist.

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