Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

uguvtug ,

i hope when you first step outside today, that your day is at least half as gorgeous as mine is out there.

this couch is obscenely comfortable. i haven't slept on it yet, but sitting is good.

my mouth tastes like i'm sucking on a pocketful of loose change. that would be the Cymbalta working. The generic version is 70% cheaper than the name brand was last time i bought it. i can afford to take it now. i'll get used to the metal mouth. i just have to stop tasting things looking for something to taste right.

people get popular with the fringe and they fail to see how small the fringe is. for example, the takeover of the government that was meant to happen in Washington last weekend that fizzled. the teabillies seem to think that because they are screaming the loudest, that there are many of them. another example is Cliven Bundy. He found himself very popular with the fringe, they surrounded and "protected" him. Now he is going to run for office to challenge Harry Reid. He seems to have no clue what the general population actually thinks of him. he thinks he's popular every-guy because that is what the fringe is telling him, and he thinks they represent the majority.

i have to febreeze this couch, it smells like thrift store.

damn meddling insurance company. i couldn't get my halcion to sleep because it's meant to be taken for seven to ten days and he has prescribed it for two months. they also lowered the maximum dose of xanax, so i had to be cut back. and they aren't deterring the drug addicts with this shit. they pay cash for their meds. they are just making things difficult for people like me to do things. so i'm waiting for the doctor to finagle the insurance company and get me my halcion.

Freddie has snuggled up against me. she's been spending more time with me lately. she figured out the one place where the dog and other cats don't sit next to me and is taking advantage of that. of course, that's right to my left side and i'm left handed, but that's okay.

ah, the winds will finally be calm today. it gets sloppy out there with our backyard full of sand.

Bagira now only comes in to eat. now that i'm smoking outside, he's getting the attention he needs then, and so he's got no more use for inside the house. he's always around, though. he doesn't leave the yard.

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