Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

gardening at night

i don't quite remember what the nightmare was about, but i figured out the problem right before i woke up. i feel an overwhelming sense of relief. whatever it was, i figured it out.

so it is a rare day when i can't find some joy somewhere. sometimes i have to wait for it, like yesterday and the doctor's appointment. but this morning i just felt joy in everything. my reheated coffee, still warm from when i made it at 2. The ice water i have constantly by my side has suddenly never tasted better.

i'm waiting for the sun to come all the way up so it warms up a bit before i go outside and garden. i wonder what surprises my garden will have for me today. maybe some more sprouts, maybe another vine.

my thyme is not doing well. it looked good for a week, but now it is looking limp and dry. i water it plenty, the same as the others.

i can't describe the relief i feel about that nightmare. i feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. the voices, which are usually very loud after these nightmares, are quiet right now.

i'm going to get the rest of xmas out of the living room today. i have a pile of boxes in the corner with tinsel sticking out of one of them. i'll get those sealed and marked and put in the garage today before doc gets home. then the living room will be clean. what will i do with myself? i know, move furniture in here, to make moving the love seat easier, and moving furniture/sweeping out on the patio so we have a place to move it. that will keep me busy for a while, with the gardening.

the purple lantana is doing really well. the pink and orange, so-so. i think it's because the purple is raised up a little bit more than the other. they'll look silly until they're big.

i'm plased with the rose bush, the stems have stayed green, though there is yellowing of the leaves which i'm worried about. i hear roses are hard, so i'm not going to be too heartbroken if this doesn't take. i'm going to try my best to keep it alive and thriving, though.

today we're tying up the other rose bush, which has kind of taken over the walkway. once you get past the gauntlet of the palms, you have a jungle of rose bush to fight through. i know we don't use that walkway much, but i'd like to. so we'll tie up the wandering branches to some bamboo stakes and make that more cooperative in general.

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