Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

epic thrift, what a name.

tomorrow i get my new sleeper, halcion. i have to do some research on it tonight.

my doctor was so helpful about the FMLA forms. when i told him the other doctor would have to see me for a year before he could fill it out, my doctor's eyes got wide and he said, "you can't go that long without Doc being able to stay with you, you'll end up back in the hospital."

i found out the 24/7 counseling line for the company is just a crisis line for them to determine whether to call you an ambulance. so i won't be using that line. the last place i want to end up is the hospital. no matter what a danger to myself i am. i can handle another cigarette burn, but i can't handle the hospital.

my plants are all doing so well. i'm a bit worried about my wax beans, only one has sprouted, but it's a huge sprout, so i'm thinking they take more time.

i have about a hundred images to process from Vader's trip out the other day. he got some great pictures of Evie. and a bunch of candidates for HDR images, which is what i count on him for. his silent meditations where he holds perfectly still for five minutes.

i love my new used jeans. they are so comfortable. and i can do up the top button on them. and not feel like i'm strangling. i also have a big mole on my hip that gets pinched in tight jeans. these jeans don't do that. and they are just long enough. and they are a nice dark black, not all faded. they match the black of my tshirt, which is impressive for used jeans.

this thrift shop deserves a second look. tomorrow we are going to go pick up our couch and get some new throw pillows because i had to put a bunch of mine outside on the patio. and the black couch is going out to the back patio. i'll find some floral sheets to cover it with. that way i can just take them off and wash them after wind storms. it will keep the couch from getting really dirty. but they had a lot of 70's stuff. disco shirts and stuff. and they had shirts that doc liked. i hope he gets them tomorrow. and the dresses, Kelli would love it. i have to take her there the next time she visits. and it's a big box store. it is huge.

they also had a nice selection of skirts. i have to go back when i have money to spend $30 on clothes. their prices are competitive. way lower than savers, and competing with Goodwill, which are always small, grimy stores. Or at least they seem that way. i like my thrift store clean and organized.

i'm starting to get excited about the couch. it's barely going to fit, we're going to have to move the speaker. but it's wide, so you can lounge on it. the arms are kind of hard, but i found two matching throw pillows that are large enough to cover the arms and remove that problem. it will add a whole new color to the room. we have wood tone, but not beige, or eggshell or whatever it is. it's kind of curved, too, which is neat. i think that's what attracted doc to it, it looked unusual. there was a black and chrome shelf i wanted, too, but decided not to ask. i'll check it out tomorrow. i don't know where it would go. we have an overabundance of furniture. we got a house with lots of room and went nuts at thrift stores and trash picks and garage sales. some of the best pieces we have were trash picked. i love the suburbs.

i ate half a sandwich today. i have the other half to eat tomorrow. i'm still not in an eating mood, but i can only resist sourdough and genoa for so long.

Chewy is curled up with me. usually he only does that when he sleeps. usually he is at the other end of the couch or on the comfy chair. but now he's all curled up against me, and he keeps pushing himself further into me. he's going to be under me soon if he doesn't stop.

the Animal Foundation is having an overcrowding sale and chihuahuas are only $40. there is no way in hell i can talk doc into it. but i want it so badly. they are so cute and i always wanted one. we could get a girl so Chewy doesn't have competition, she will like doc and bond with him instead of me, so Chewy can keep me for himself. if only i could talk doc into it.

i think that's all i have to say tonight. i'm trying to decide whether to get into the photos tonight or go to sleep. i think i'll get into the photos.

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