Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


we went to the thrift store. it's called Epic Thrift. It is epic. I found two pair of jeans, one black, one blue, both skinny. doc found a Barbara Streisand vinyl and a couch. i didn't like the couch. it was beige, too easy to get dirty. but he really liked it and it was comfortable, even though there isn't enough room to stretch out like the one we have now. but it was only $40 and really clean and in good shape. that was a low price for that piece.

one of my wax beans is sprouting! he's still bent into the dirt, but part of him is sticking up out of the soil. he got extra water today.

i got a duster for my birthday today from amazon. so tomorrow i can celebrate my birthday by dusting the house. yay. nothing like useful gifts. i guess that's part of getting older. bright shiny is no longer to be mine, dusters and couches and jeans. i sound so ungrateful, and i'm not. i'm just in a bad mood. i'll get over it. the couch is really much prettier than anything we have. i think that's what i'm most worried about. it won't go with our junk theme.

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