Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

litter boxes aren't fun, but it's for my babies. Brian Setzer, Punk Rock Stray Cat. Isn't he beautiful? Look at that scowl, it's just delicious. and that is him looking friendly because he's hungry. he was so good. he showed up while i was out smoking and i admonished him for always showing up when i don't have my camera. then i asked him if i could go in and get my camera without him running away. he meowed, and i took that as a yes. so i went in and got my cam and got two great shots of him.

i have a picture of my cake from last night, but it's on doc's phone. so i'll get it later and post it. it had little plastic flowers on it with frosting leaves and chocolate icing. we covered it with candles and even put on a question mark candle that Kelli sent me last year. then we texted it to Kelli and i forgot to have doc email it to me so i have my own copy. damn phones.

all of my daisies have sprouted, in three days! the marigolds still haven't started to sprout. maybe planting them together was a bad idea, but it was an experiment i wanted to try. and all of my radishes have sprouted. i'm waiting on the squash and wax beans to sprout. i've kept them moist, so i'm thinking they are just slower to sprout. the cilantro sprouts are starting to take on their shape.

i thought i would resent the plants. you know, something else to do every day. i resent the animals sometimes because taking care of them is a daily thing (where it wasn't with just three cats). but i don't. and i'm starting to resent the cats less. i'm starting to enjoy having projects to do, things to keep me busy. the highlights of my day include playing with my plants and making sure they are all doing well. one of my other joys is the animals. no matter the work. litter boxes aren't fun, but it's for my babies.

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