Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i think i'll look that up.

the sad NCIS isn't on OnDemand yet. so i'm watching a re-run of another.

today has been a day of false starts and weirdness. we had company again. i made a spectacle of myself again.

then i decided that i wanted to go out to lunch. In-n-Out or Kabob Express or someplace. doc took too long to decide, so i made myself a grilled cheese and red beans and rice. then when we discussed dinner, we had a misunderstanding and i went to bed and he fell asleep out here until it was too late to go anywhere.

its been that kind of day. this morning seems so long ago. i guess it's because i slept long and hard between then and now.

we're almost out of dry cat food, so there is none out there for Brian Setzer. tomorrow i'll give him some gushy food. i'll keep the other cats in and leave it out for him. i got a picture of him the other day but he was facing away from me. it just looks like a dirty Felix. and i was too far away for the zoom to make a bit of difference.

someday i want a camera with a zoom lens. and an f-stop i can set myself. i wonder . . . there must be a photography for dummies online somewhere, like the for dummies site. now that i have control of the computer for however long before doc takes it back, i think i'll look that up.

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