Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

time to stop writing

The Fifth Element is magical. i've slept to it three times now, and it has been great sleep. straight through, four hours. oh yeah. it has romanian subtitles, so if i was actually watching it, i might learn something, da. oh. bine. well. "multipass" just isn't the same in romanian. it's two words that escape me. even if it was dubbed in romanian, i would play it. the sound track and the sound effects somehow are so familiar to me by now that they don't interrupt my sleep like the news shows do. not even the fight sounds in the cruise ship are jarring to me. i sleep right through the screams and explosions.

doc got me marigold and daisy seeds to replace the dead bushes out front. i'll start germinating them tomorrow. i have a six pack seed starter, so i can grow three clusters and plant them together. then, if i have enough soil, i will plant the squash. i'm growing it in a pot. anyone have any experience with that? i don't know if it will work. i know kelli grows a lot of stuff in pots, but i think she plants the squash in the ground. and i don't have ground to give it.

oh, did i tell you i got my hoe? so tomorrow, before it gets to 100 degrees (yes, they are really calling for that) i will hoe the part of the yard i'm going to plant the wildflower seeds in. and then i will plant them and water. if i have the energy. i may plant them tomorrow. after hoe-ing and raking, i may be just too tired to do the planting and watering.

wow, my birthday is three days away. i think we're going to forget it this year. i'm not going to mention it to doc. not out of spite or anything, i just don't feel like celebrating. i don't want a cake. i don't want ice cream. i don't want any presents. i just want things to stay the same.

i'm going back to see my old doctor and get him to fill out the FMLA forms. he gets paid $35 to fill it out, he'll do it so doc gets it again and can stay with me again. one last time. because i don't think i'm going to be able to get the new doctor to fill the forms out in a timely fashion, like this year. doc doesn't even want me to go back to this new doctor. but i'm going to. i'm at least going to confront him about treating me, even if he won't and i have to quit him and write a complaint to medicare.

i'm missing rachel maddow. again. i was on the phone with kelli when she was on last, so i missed it then. i was sleeping during the second playing, so i missed that. and now i am writing and missing it again. time to stop writing.

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