Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

thank you for your opinions

i agree with everything i heard. 2 is my favorite, but when it comes to displaying them, it would depend upon the rest of the display.

i'm glad i got that Photomatix program. if i just had Photoshop's surreal results, i would lose interest quickly. the realism i get with the other program keeps me interested. i like having choices.

i woke up and doc was home. surprising. he's asleep now, so i'm having my morning uninterrupted, except for the occasional snore. i don't know if it's doc or the dog.

keeping track of the local elections is making my head threaten to pop. i'm trying to keep up with who's a democrat and what judge stands for what and has done what. i don't want to elect a bunch of losers. a bunch of Bundy supporters and whatnot. i want people who are going to fight for the rights of the many, not the few armed.

time to go play with pictures and contemplate coffee. i got my wish of fresh cola this morning, but the headache is coming on, and i should have a cup of joe.

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