Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

which one do you like better?

they are both HDR images. the first assembled by Photomatix, the second by Photoshop. as you can see, they have very different ways of going about things. i like the hyper-realism of the first, but i'm really growing attached to the weird color combinations that Photoshop comes up with.

that is the sum total of my work today. no, i did some stuff. but i got a couple hours of good sleep. i put on the Fifth Element. the movie i always used to sleep to for three years. i think i'll put it on repeat on the laptop tonight and plug in the speakers and play it tonight while i sleep. apparently i can only get good sleep to Bruce Willis, Chris Rock and Mila Jovovich, directed by Luc Besson. i'll take it. it's better than drugs.

speaking of which, i finally got some pot. i feel so much better now. we've been talking to the people we know with medical cards. i have to stop putting it off. they all tell me to go to Dr. Reefer. not only does he prescribe it, his poeple help you with the paperwork and forms and stuff. we've got the materials to start a very small grow. i want to use it. it just sits in storage covered with tarps. and if i start working on my medical card now, i should be hooked up by the time the dispensaries open. hopefully there will be enough competition around with only 4,000 registered medical users in the county to keep the prices down. that's what i'm really waiting for. for it to be as affordable as booze.

rant over. i'm not tired, but i don't want to stay up. i'm hopelessly bored. maybe if i find something to watch on the computer i will not be bored, because i know there is nothing on TV after the next ten minutes. time to try out that amazon prime membership. i'll get sucked into some show or other.

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