Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's short and too cute

that thing i posted earlier was written last night. i forgot to post it.

a bit of writing in here and then to work. i've left the dining room table to doc for two weeks, hoping he, at some point, would clean it off. bt no. it just keeps getting worse. so i'm going to go through that mess and clean that up so we can use the table again. then i'm going to bring in the xmas tree box again and try once again to get the thing into the box. and take down the gold glittery snowflake things from japan. i kind of wanted to leave them up because they aren't particularly xmasy. but doc keeps almost tearing them down, so i'll put them away.

then there has got to be something in the kitchen i can do. it's a random mess. just clutter.

then mop the mudroom and scoop the cat boxes.

then outside to feed the outside cats, and water the plants.

all of this will take me about an hour. i'm sure i can find more to do.

then i told doc i would help him outside. he got the side of the house cleaned up and the old rose bush dug out. all i need is more soil to plant it. i don't know if i've mentioned it a hundred times, but the dirt in our back yard is essentially fine sand. how anything grows in it is beyond me. i planted all my little plants around the big tree in plenty of potting soil, where and how they have the best chance. doc put the tomato plants between the cypresses along the back wall. i may move the bean plants out there so maybe they can climb up the wall.

enough. clean house. it's just on the edge of messy and i can't take it. take it- take my meds, can't forget to do that. okay, have a good day, okay?

oh, and subscribe to, or watch some videos on my youtube channel for Circus Catimus. There is a new vid of major meowing with doc. it's short and too cute.

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