Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


this man on my TV is telling me it will be 100 degrees next friday and saturday. i say we get him!

i woke up in time for Cosmos. I can see the Thomas Jefferson freaks going nuts tomorrow over the highlighting of Faraday as the father of electricity. So, not only has McFarlane pissed off the religious right, now he's going after the Founding Father's Myth Believers. this is fun. i am actually looking forward to Twitter tomorrow.

Some things should not have bacon. like . . . orange chicken. that's just wrong on so many levels. i love bacon. and i love orange chicken. but the two of them together would make me say no to both.

my birthday is in 7 days. wow. that kind of snuck up on me. The Abba show was tonight, so I guess i'm not getting that for my birthday. and we've done the budget and Gordon Ramsey's Pub to celebrate. and i'm in no mood for cake. maybe i just won't celebrate this year. that will be a relief to doc. maybe a new thyme plant for my birthday. that would be nice. i can''t bring the one back that died. i've tried and it has tried, and it just didn't work. it was too far gone.

i would have liked to be up in the High Roller (worlds largest ferris wheel, holds over a thousand people) during the high winds today, the thing is so solid, i wouldn't have been scared. it would have been fun. i don't know if i'll ever go on it. tickets for one ride are $35. that's a little rich for a half an hour. i can buy an eighth of good weed for that. or a nice-ish dinner.

much much later . . .

ahh, i knew it felt better in here, doc opened the window. it gets stuffy in here really quickly. i like to keep the window open a little, but with the wind the past few days, it's been closed.

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