Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i just woke up

all i have to say is - "AUGH, my head!" I woke up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. 1 cuppa joe will fix that, no problem. can i drink that coffee before my head collapses in on itself?

ah man, there was a furry parade today. i didn't even know about it. we couldn't have gone to it, but . . .

the scooter is down again. the front tire, which is new, is leaking air out of the air valve. so doc spent the day trying to fix that on his own. then the wind kicked up so hard he couldn't take the scooter out and test out his work. he's going to get up at 3 and finish up and test it while the roads are deserted.

i slept from 7 to 10:30pm. i don't quite feel rested, but i couldn't lay down anymore.

high off my victory gardening, i planted radishes and wax beans today. am i going to need a stick for the wax beans to climb? because i thought i would need a stick and put one in the pot.

i wonder if doc's mom got her card today. i hope so. she'll give it until monday. she knows us. i hope she likes the card. i personallized it, put her name on it and stuff.

oh, good the wind is going to pick up, because 30 mph isn't high enough. i'm so sick of this wind. i want to live in a dome. oh, damn, and it's nice enough to be hanging out outside, but i can't because of the wind. bummer, dude. i would go out and finish my book. i'm reading the epilogue now. i forgot how suddenly it came to a climax and ended. it shocked me. that Anne Rice, she can always get me.

poor Chewy had a rough day. we were talking while we gave him his plate of medicated meat, and he ate it all. so he got a bit more benadryl than he should have. so we had dopey dog for a while. he kept laying half down, just his front on the floor, with his butt in the air. and he would just sit like that for 15 minutes, and then wobble over to me or doc. then he puked it all up. now he's doing that half-laying thing again. i think i'll start giving him cosequin, since we have it, and see if that helps his limp any. but he's stopped licking his paws, so that's something.

he's going to be bummed when it's time to go out, it is just too windy for me to let him out or walk him. i wish doc would fix the goddamned fence, already.

what to do tonight? i still have those poems to judge over on the contest was only three months ago. i don't know why i'm blocked about going there. aside from, the people are dicks.

ahhhh, my headache is but a remnant of its former self. just a twinge every so often. it will be gone soon. and no medication involved. just a dose of my favorite drug, coffee. speaking of which, i just made a fresh pot. that will be done soon.

okay, wifi geniuses . . . i can't get my laptop (windows 7 64 bit) to acknowledge my wifi router. it won't even consider making me a new connection (the laptop). i know the wifi router is working because i use it all the time for the kindle (i am an avid collector of free ebooks). when i try to set up the (PPPOE?), i get error 651, which is apparently infamous with windows 7. i'd like to use the wifi occasionally with the laptop, so it would be nice to get it working. I have researched and done everything i could find using google on error 651, to no avail. the thing is, the wifi light on my laptop is on. solid. ack.

it's an hour into SNL, and i haven't turned it off yet. this has to be some kind of record not seen since the 90's. usually this show just annoys me and makes me feel old and grumpy and humorless. okay, the exploding whale in "Bikini Beach Party" was funny. the first one. the second one wasn't funny. it was too obvious. i mean, the first one was obvious, but the second was shark jumping. silly show.

i know what i'll do tonight, i'll go through my email and read all the design and photography emails i've gotten this week. i've just kind of been letting them pile up. i also want to find more design sites to sign up for emails for. they send you free fonts and textures and things in the emails that i benefit from a lot. the photography emails just teach me stuff i don't know. it seems i retained nothing from my photography classes in high school. but then, who did? kelli. some people just have useful memories.

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