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Oh, Boko Haram is in trouble now, 20 American boots on the ground in Nigeria. Interesting, but what are we really doing behind the scenes to help find the girls?

The sickness passed quickly last night, if not cleanly. I read until about 4 and then woke up at 5:30, fresh from a dream. So I said something to Chewy about it, he's the first creature i see when i get up.

as doc's spouse, I can get free phone counseling and some psychological stuff free through the company. It's almost like they are sorry about the whole Obamacare freakout a year and a half ago.

it's funny, i'm reading Queen of the Damned right now, and i'm at the part where the vampire queen has awoken from millenia of silence to slay all of the men in the world and bring forcefully about a new peace. and while i'm reading that, i'm listening to reports about Boko Haram and trafficking and thinking maybe Rice had a point. Maybe not kill all the males, but scare them really bad.

as i was watering today, i noticed that not only is one of my snowflake balls blooming again, but my cilantro has sprouted! and my viney thing i bought is doing really well, thriving, in fact. i am keeping stuff alive!

Oh, cool, Brian Setzer is out eating. He's a tuxedo cat, black and white, kind of masked liked Felix, but he has a scowl to his face that is absolutely funny because i am convinced he's a cuddle bum. he keeps coming around. and he keeps getting closer to me. he's not staying back and making sure i see him just to feed him, he's curious. he seems to miss human contact. i have got to get some pictures of his scowl. there is already a grumpy cat, but Brian Setzer is like a ragerific punk rock scowl cat.

the sun is in my eyes. it is glorious. it was cloudy when i woke up this morning. it's going to be in the mid-80s today. i think i may work out in the studio for a while. yeah, i'll burn myself a couple of CDs of music to take out with me and just plan on that. i got a lot done this week and there is really nothing in the house to do beyond a quick run of the vacuum.

maybe today i'll get my "action hoe" from Lowes and do my wildflowers this weekend. we have one more cool down coming, that would be great for the seedlings before the triple digits hit.

did you see that viral video, "Director of Operations: aka Moms"? it's better when you don't know what's coming, like when i saw it just now. it's a series of snippets of job interviews listing needed qualifications to be a mom, without saying that. they lead up to this and it's just really cool. i saw it on the news, so if i find a link, i'll share it with you. just a clever little thing.

as i do every mother's day, i wrestled with writing my mom a letter. it would just turn into a "what's your damage?" piece, so i don't do it. she doesn't want to or need to hear it. she is a damaged individual who damaged five lives by having/adopting children. she doesn't need to be reminded what a piece of shite she is, let her have her delusion that my father will create for her with a cake and a celebration of her "skills".

speaking of moms, i am going to finish up this card and start fighting with my printer. i should be able to figure out how to print it without too many problems. doc is bringing home an envelope and i'm going to try to sneak a picture of him into it without him noticing.

yay! my laptop bag got here! and the laptop fits in it, as i knew it would. now i just have to take it somewhere. but i have a bag for it. it's got a sepia toned fat cat with sunglasses face on it with black trim.

okay, time to make a card. maybe i should go to an online place and pick a ready made design. maybe that would be prettier than my couple of flowers and fancy font. no, i want to do this myself.

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