Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

time is my enemy

i didn't feel good when i woke up at 4, i felt mean. so i curled up with Chewy for an hour until i felt better. He is good therapy. I feel much better now.

i have a zit on the edge of my upper lip that is soon going to be self-aware. It hurts to open my mouth. I want to pop it and be rid of it, but it's in an ouchie place. so we'll see how far it evolves before i take a needle to it.

they just decided to offer permits for pot dispensaries (it's been medically legal here for 14 years, there is no place to legally buy it) this week. they made one smart rule: if you're a gambling mogul, you can't be a pot mogul. Which is good because everyone with any money for a start-up is rallying around the pot store. they see there's money in it now, duh. it won't be long before the greed gets to the legislature and they make it legal for recreational use. anyway, it's all over the news. film footage of bud and jars of bud and packets of bud and pipes of bud. and i'm out of bud. this figures. time to watch international news.

my wee plants that i transplanted are doing well. one of the thymes died, but i knew it would, it wasn't the transplanting that did it. the little snowflake bunches are doing well. the ones that survived the week in the pots.

hm. there was some rain yesterday. missed that. ack! they are showing snow pictures from yesterday. how awful. those poor people.

mmmmm. i made the coffee strong today. nice and espresso tasting. i must have put an extra scoop in. it's really uncommonly good. i like my fresh coffee, but this is just . . . exquisite. going really nicely with the big glass of ice water i have going as well. what a great way to start the day.

i ate yesterday, so i don't need to today. that takes a lot off my mind. i only have to eat on "cola days". i had a big roast beef and swiss sandwich. it was so big i had to divide it up and eat half of it after i got up from my nap.

i got to see some of the "Silent Disco" last night on the news. they set up a DJ and have wireless headphones with lights on them and everyone wears the headphones and the disco plays over those and everyone dances in the middle of the closed off street without bugging anyone with their Saturday Night Fever tunes. it's really silly looking, but it looks like a lot of fun. there was also a bartender death match that ended with a tie with two grapefruit drinks with jalapeño in them. seemed kind of gross to me, but then, that's why i don't judge drinks competitions.

do you know what happens when you light an unstuffed cigarette tube? It flames up in your face in a ball of fire. I. Did. Not. Know. This. i accidentally grabbed an empty tube this morning when i first got up, so i awoke to a flame ball. i should really stop smoking. Half asleep.

doc hasn't emailed back. hrmph. i didn't really expect him to, he's not very verbose at work. which is funny. he's not very verbose at all. i get the feeling his house was a "kids seen and not heard" kind of place when he was growing up.

three more hours before he gets off work. likely five before he gets home. how am i going to pass the time? i hate this. time is my enemy.

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