Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

this dog is goofy.

Buffy is on and I'm bored.

I watered my plant babies. my cilantro seeds were looking dry, i have to watch that. the ground cover we planted is looking really good. we might lose half of them. one of the thymes and one of the snowflakes. but i'm going to try to keep them alive. doc is paying rent today, so we know where we are financially for the next 6 days, and maybe bringing me a hoe. he needs it for his tomato and pepper plants, he has absconded with them and made them his.

i was afraid to plant them because i was afraid of the responsibility of keeping them alive. now that they're planted, i can't wait to plant more stuff. i just hope they stay alive. some of them. i can't wait to get my wild flower seeds in the ground. the summer water restrictions have started here. no sprinklers from 11am-7pm, but hose watering is okay any time. which is good because the plants are in the shade in the middle of the day and have to be watered. we're going to get a sprinkler, but i'll run it when i get up at dawn. so it will all have soaked in by the time the sun is up and hot. i don't want to boil the little things to death.

i killed my basil seeds. so doc is getting me a started basil plant from the nursery. i remember herbs were cheap but they didn't have a great variety. i just want basil and chives and cilantro. that's all i really like, maybe some Greek oregano if i can find it, but usually not.

can we all just get on the same page with how to pronounce Angela Merkel's name? Please? She's a world leader, we sound stupid with our 100 different pronunciations. can't someone just ask her how she says her name? It's not so hard, really. She seems like a nice enough person and would probably appreciate the effort taken to say her name right.

i've been using my mini cam exclusively the past two days. so you've seen very few pictures. i haven't had much to photograph, except the plants i showed you yesterday. i've mainly been practicing on the cats and various still life subjects to get to know the lighting limitations and how to reduce the noise and get sharper pictures. the shutter speed is really slow because it has no flash, so i have to hold it very still when i take pictures with it. if we go to first friday tonight, i plan to use it. it now has the largest card in it, so it can take the most video.

speaking of pictures, Vader is out with the camera. it was a battle getting it on him today. first i couldn't find him. then he snuck out while i went out and i chased him around the yard. then i hosed him off for being a bastard, and he jumped up on the wall. then i watered the plants and had a cigarette and he came back and i grabbed him and brought him in and put the collar on him. he fought me the whole time. then he got it on and adjusted, he was fine and i set him back into the wilds of suburbia.

i thought i ate yesterday, but i forgot again. doc said he was bringing me home a hamburger, i'll eat then. i'm supposed to eat when i take my meds. but i take my meds in the morning and don't always feel like eating in the morning. and if i force myself to eat, i throw up. so i don't force it.

it was so cool of doc to come home early yesterday. he won't be home for four and a half more hours today, maybe more. i was going to lay down for a while so i could work in the yard today, but i'm not tired for once. the past two nights have been hell with the nightmares. but last night wasn't too bad. the last dream i had was a good one. but i had a photoshop dream where i dream i can do something with an image in photoshop and then wake up wanting to do it and incredibly frustrated that i can't do it.

do they make tripods for smartphones? i'll have to look on amazon. just small ones. but something that holds the thing still while you take a picture. there is no tripod mount on my mini cam, but i've mentioned it is the size and shape of a smartphone. i found the instruction manual for it online yesterday (it didn't come with one) and discovered i knew how to use almost all of its features. i did learn how to set the time and date. that's a powerful thing to know. since the bloody thing watermarks the images randomly. at least the watermark will be correct.

I'm glad Vader went out. he and Simon were violently fighting all morning. i don't know why. but Vader had two paws full of Simon fur when i split them up. and the patio was covered with feathers this morning, so someone had Bird al Fresca for breakfast this morning. i didn't find any remains, so i'm happy.

Chewy wouldn't let me go to sleep last night until i let him out. every time i dosed off, he would start whining. he's really good at whining. when that didn't work, he went into the kitchen and stood there barking. this dog is goofy.

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