Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers
cydniey makes me happy. so many pretty pictures. so much beauty and creativity. if you don't pinterest, and you are looking for some way to organize resources or just relax, it is perfect.

i use it for both. i put all my bookmarks there, so i don't lose them. i have a lot of reference material. as well as plenty of self promotional stuff. i cannot say enough about this website. use it before they ruin it with ads and profit. my name on there is "cydniey" of course, follow me and i will follow you back. i'm curious about all your ideas.

sites like twitter have made it very easy to pin stuff to your boards. i've noticed a lot of other websites that make pinning easy. sites like that are nice. in my redesign, i'm going to try to do the same so people can pin my pics if they want.

so go to pinterest, and just do a random search for anything and cruise around. if you're not hooked, i just don't know what to say to you.

i've temporarily lost interest in twitter. it's just so boring to scroll through. and i'm following a bunch of animal advocates, so i have cutsie animals all over my timeline. why they are following me and not Circus Catimus is beyond me.

it's almost 11. 20 minutes until i first wake doc up with a 15 minute warning. then i make his coffee. then i go in at 11:30 and try to get him up or give him ten more minutes. depending on how grumpy he is. then he comes out for a half an hour, during which time i do not talk to him, i let him wake up. then he takes a shower and i remind him at 12:15 and then at 12:30. then he leaves by quarter til one. and i lock the gates up tight.

more pinterest, bored now. pretty images.

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