Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i should probably start by combing my hair

our neighborhood was on the news tonight. there was an officer involved shooting up the street. there were news copters and sirens and crime scene tape and we stayed away. we're not those neighbors that like to watch. we just watched the news and listened to the news copters. this is a really quiet neighborhood. this kind of stuff never happens. but there is a section of tweakers up the street in a low rent area that cause problems every so often. mostly they just wander the streets in the mornings looking for their homes.

my vacuum cleaner sucks. well, it doesn't suck. and therein lies the problem. i vacuumed really carefully today and the floor is still all over cat fur. time to get a shark. we've been saving up for one and almost have enough to get it. clean floors. that would be nice. less allergens. i mean, this is a lot of fur these beasties put off.

if doc leaves his door open while he sleeps, Freddie sleeps in with him. if he closes it, Freddie sleeps in the hallway outside his door. it's so cute. she's there now. all spread out.

Felix has taken to following me around. he sleeps on the dog so he can be near my face. he follows me outside when i go out to smoke and comes back in when i do. i stopped feeding them wet food, maybe that's his problem. i'll have doc get some this week and start feeding it to them again. maybe they'll go through less dry food.

waiting waiting waiting. waiting to sleep. waiting to get up. waiting to wake doc up. waiting to sleep again. and it's all the same. little plastic boxes of boring. i need a life or i'm going to further lose my mind. i should probably start by combing my hair.

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