Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

consistency. i love that.

oh, my doctor also had no clue about day care. he told me to contact a social worker. helpful. i hate him. and his jeans and is unvacuumed floor and his birkenstocks. and his stupid british accent. he doesn't deserve it.

so i've woken up in a charming mood. i'm going back to sleep at some point. doc is working late today. so i'll sleep for a couple more hours and then do the transplanting. doc moved the dirt out to my work area yesterday for me.

it's windy again. i'm tired of this wind. it's the only weather i have, i can bitch.

it's tuesday. wow.

don't use internet explorer. big security risk. i use chrome and doc uses firefox. no, we can't even agree on one browser.

the sun is coming up. i want to go outside. but the wind. i'll put a sweatshirt on. i want to be outside when the sun rises. i just need to be. i don't know why. i'm tired of asking myself why. doc asks it all the fucking time. so i don't even bother. he wants to know why for everything. and can't understand if there is no reason for something.

okay, i feel better. spent some time on the patio with the cats. it's not that bad out there. the wind hasn't built up yet. oh, the weather lady is saying they will get stronger. high allergens. well, high wind, high allergens. kind of stands to reason.

you know what? now that i've been outside, i don't want to go back to bed anymore. i guess i'll do the stuff i need to do and find more stuff to do. i could sweep off the porch after i plant. that is sure to make a mess. i'm not the neatest person when i'm working. you should see the kitchen when i cook. disaster.

Chewy is out with the camera. he wanted to go out and i didn't want to walk him, so i put the cam on him and sent him on his way.

okay, watered the plants adn hung the wet shirts. now i'm going to break up a cat fight.

and that's a good start to the morning. maybe i'll have some cereal. maybe i'll make a shake. maybe i'll just make myself more coffee.

Chewy should be home with the footage soon. it's been a couple days since i sent anyone out with the cam. i had it on Simon, inside the house, but that didn't get me anything useful, too dark. i'm hoping it works with the low light of the early dawn.

Today's sticky letter is still "w". consistency. i love that.

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