Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


Relationship Status: my uterus is trying to chew its way out of my cervix. i'm not happy. four ibuprophen should put a dent in it, in a half an hour. i hate being a girl. i would take the unwanted boners over this any day.

i was sleeping nicely. i woke up at 7 and doc went to bed. sadness. i actually wanted to spend time with him.

i gave Chewy a shower yesterday. i put him in the walled in shower in doc's room with me. he hated every minute of it. but he smells better and i'm not allergic to him. i had my arm resting on him the other day and got a rash from it. not cool. must bathe the doc once a week. he's easy enough to bathe, he just stands there looking miserable. then when he gets out he shakes off and rubs into the carpet to dry off. yesterday he rubbed in doc's bed to dry off until i scolded him. i understand the bed is softer than the floor, but there are things we just don't do.

doc had coffee ready for me when i woke up. (today's sticky letter is "w") that was nice.

These are supposed to look like photos of miniatures. i have some mastery to do with this technique

they aren't my photos, obviously, i've never been to the rivera. i got them from a stock photo site.

my alarm went off at 10:45, as if i had to get doc up. so i woke up with an anxiety attack. i went in at eleven and asked if he wanted me to get him up and he said, "not really". so i came back in here to play with photoshop.

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