Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now that it's not together and lit, i have no interest in it.

my laptop won't fit in any of my messenger bags or my rucksack. so i need a laptop carrier. i think i've found one on ebay, $20, i was prepared to spend $30. now there's just talking doc into it.

i got my wildflower seeds today. now i just need a hoe. i guess i can go out and rake today in preparation. i'm so excited to have wildflowers. i have to remember to water them twice a day. and doc's grass. we'll have a pretty yard this year. much more fun for the cats to run through with the collar cam on.

Did you hear about the Cat Cafe that popped up in the Bowery? it's only open from yesterday until the 27th, presumably before the health department can shut them down for having animals roaming freely in a food esablishment. Cat Cafes started in Japan in 1998, and have gained popularity in Europe. The biggest plus to this particular pop up cafe is that all the cats in it are up for adoption. this can only be a good thing.

much much later . . .

the wind is awful. all of the grand canyon helicopter tours were cancelled today and the news choppers were grounded. all of the cats are in, i guess they got sick of the dust in their eyes. rain up north. bah. it could never be to the south of us. then it would hit us. stupid rain. chance of more rain tomorrow.

cliven bloody bundy. every news program is about him. he's such a fool and they keep giving him a mic. our news teams are clearly bored.

i wonder when doc is going to get up. i should make some coffee for him. okay, coffee made. he was supposed to get up at 5. it's 10:10. i tried to wake him up at 8:30, to no avail. sleepy doc. comfy bed. my bed is covered with Major fur. i have to vacuum it off tomorrow and get a sheet on it.

this weekend, we are getting that xmas tree back into the box it came out of and getting it to the garage. now that it's not together and lit, i have no interest in it.

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