Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was bored this morning with my tripod.

i just ordered card stock so i can make my own cards, and a micro SD card for my video cam. so i can use that again in a couple of days. i went to use it today, and of course, couldn't. the cat was out with the collar cam, so they had the SD card.

so i'm expecting all manner of packages this week and next. it's like an early birthday.

two new videos posted to @CircusCatimus. and i posted some photos that have nothing to do with animals for a change of pace.

i even took a couple of selfies today. i took a shower and washed my hair and it's being wavy and cute, so i had to get it on film. i also put a new "Throwback Thursday" photo in the album on imgur. i'm using cam picures for this, but trying to find pictures that no one has seen since the original broadcast.

it's going to be windy tomorrow, but i'm going to try to video the sunrise. i'll wear my jacket and take Chewy out with me as i stand in the middle of the street with the tripod. we don't live on a through street, so it's not busy. especially at dawn.

the next morning, so to speak . . .

my bras are pull over the top of the head affairs. which is okay. except when i'm damp. like yesterday after my shower. i came into the living room with my bra up around my armpits, whimpering "help". doc promptly told me i wasn't doing it right. then he helped unroll the fabric i couldn't reach. that's adoration, if not love.

i added new pictures to the imgur link i posted last night. i was bored this morning with my tripod.

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