Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

okay, so i can't spell "occasionally" on my own

i just got my order shipment confirmation for the Circus Catimus book. 5 more days, it will be in my hands! i hope it looks good.

i've been playing with HDR images all night. i'll post some tomorrow and see if you like them or the color distorted ones better. i'm on the fence. on the one hand, i'd like to master the technique the way it was intended, on the other hand, i want my photography to stand out.

i'm listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack, sax and all, if you want to listen along. i'm in a Bowie mood tonight. I have a feeling I'll be watching it tonight, as well. what was he thinking when he wrote the lyrics? "Daddy, daddy, get me out of here!" Where does that come from? his music has always confounded me. him and peter murphy. i'm convinced peter murphy just puts words together that fit the tune and occasionally rhyme. there is some method to Bowie's madness.

i think i get my new hoe tomorrow. my seeds should be here next week and i want to get them into the ground as quicky as possible. even if only a sparse amount grow, it will look much better out there than the patches of long grass and weeds. colorful, though the weeds are.

and doc had me order sure-to-grow grass that came with a pocket hose. so that will be fun. he can have a patch of grass and i can have my wildflowers.

that xanax really helped. i don't itch anymore. and i'm enjoying my music.

i'm going to get a silver ink pad so that when i sign the Circus Catimus books, i can do the cat's prints in silver along with the signature. i have to make a Circus Catimus section of my site. i should probably add that to the redesign. i'm thinking of adding a section called "frivolity" with different things like Circus Catimus and wavs from movies and photoshop brushes and other stuff i make. i may even give up on this ebay shit and open a store on my site. i can control things much better that way. my stuff is lost in the search engine, pushed so far back down the lists that no one would ever get there. and i've optimized the titles as best as i can. all the keywords are there. there's just too much shit on ebay.

Is it weird that Def Leppard always cheers me up?

time to switch to soda and stuff some cigarettes. then get doc up. i made it without laying down. i worked on more pictures. when i'm done with them, i will post them on imgur. that's turning into a neat little program. it allows me to sort pictures into albums, unlike twitpic, which they're all thrown up there.

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