Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

time to go find some cats and take pictures.

i want to go down to the strip today. it's going to be cool and windy. i could tie my hair back. i wonder if my med levels are at the point where doc will let me go. i want to go take pictures at the Cosmipolitan. it is so great in there. the ceilings are beaded. and there is stuff hanging everywhere that is see through or sparkly.

Kelli and i were lamenting that we didn't take any pictures the last time she came to visit. for five days we toured the strip and downtown and Freemont St. and took not one picture. i was too out of it. she was just trying to take care of me.

so i wonder if he'll let me go down to the strip today. there's so much new stuff since i last took pictures in 2002. there are whole new complexes and whole things just gone. Circus Circus remains. They eyesore. I wish that place would disappear. I used to like going there until the last time i went and it was just full of fat dribbling kids in ill fitting stained clothes and their weary and angry parents. everywhere you looked past the facade, you could see the peeling paint and discarded garbage cans. it was so depressing. it was fun while i was on X. but that was a one time thing, and i wrestled with the infamous carousel bar at the time, a la Hunter S Thompson. Now i just wish they'd blow the place up. it doesn't fit on the strip anymore. Reno has one, that's enough.

my photo book still hasn't been printed and sent. ugh. the waiting is killing me.

time to go find some cats and take pictures.

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