Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Evie wants out.

It's 4:18 am. I've been up since 1:30. I've stuffed smokes for the day. Emptied the dishwasher and started running the cleaning cycle. I took the plants out of the garage and put them out on the porch where they will get some sun when it rises, and watered them.

Now it's 4:40 on 4/20. I guess I know what I need to do.

i found the cinder blocks we need for the patio futon cheaper at another store. only a few cents cheaper, but we have to get so many, it will equal a couple of dollars. the posts are cheaper at the original place we were going to get them at.

i have four planters that i didn't get plants for. they are all pots that doc got for me, so i'm going to have him pick out what goes in them and get them from the nursery.

i have to help doc clean out the corner so i can get the rosebush replaced. he's got all manner of stuff piled up there. and i piled all the palm fronds there when we cut them the other day. the upper fronds we left in place have settled over the week and we are going to have to take the chainsaw to them again today to trim a couple more that are now bending down over the walkway.

the dog took off again. i'm really hoping he gets back before doc gets up. if not, he'll be in trouble.

speaking of doc getting up, i should really make coffee. he should be waking up soon. and i should be getting a headache soon from not having any coffee for 20 hours.

ahh, fresh coffee. hazelnut. the can it was in was crushed, so it was three dollars off. so i get a treat for a couple of weeks. doc has caramel coffee, but since it's labeled "vanilla", I can't do it. I need it to be vanilla. or be labeled "caramel". I don't know why.

why is the og not comiing home? in seven minutes, i need to get doc up. i can't let him sleep past 5. where is the dog? rarr.

in "Twister", how do they keep climbing through the back window of the red truck? we have a big ass truck, and i can't get through the window.

doc is up. Chewy isn't home. looks like Chewy will be spending time in jail when he does get home. provided nothing has happened to him.

i have to get the collar cam on Vader again today and get some more fodder for HDR images. He takes the best multi-frame still pics. he holds still a lot. we kept him in yesterday, so he will be really eager to go out today and won't mind the cam. the first day he fought it. he would stand very still, trying to look down at it, then suddenly jump up high in the air and back to get away from it. this went on for a good ten minutes, until he figured out that just made the cam bounce more on his neck.

i forgot to tag my twitter post about the photo book with hashtags yesterday, so i need to repost that today. and i think i'll make that henry tribute video. i also need to get more pictures of the cats. i've either printed or used all the ones i have in videos.

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