Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i don't remember doing that today.

ack, i got nothing done today. doc bought me lunch. oh, no, i spent hours on that book. that's right, i published a book today. okay, i got nothing outside done today. aside from the raking.

i'm really happy with the electronic proof of the book. i need to ask doc if i can spend the money on getting a proof copy. i think i have a 15% off code in my deleted box. that will take away the sting of postage. once i get one and check it, i will start to really push it on all the social media. Circus Catimus has a google account that it can use if it has to.

none of the images was left alone. all of them were altered in some way. sometimes it's really subtle, sometimes it changes the whole focus of the image. all of the images were taken by Chewy, Felix, and Vader. I do believe it's the first non-human photography book.

i actually got the xmas carols off my mp3 player today and replaced with my usual playlist fare. i listened to it today while i worked in the yard. the plants are going to look really good around the giant pine tree if they grow in right. we got enough to surround the bottom. i found my basil, cilantro and chive seeds. and got the pots cleaned for them. and i cleaned out the planter box to get it ready for new dirt.

doc and i have to mix the soil with the pearlite we have and maybe some shredded coco.

we plotted out the acquisition of the hoe i want. he agrees it would be the easiest way to work the soil we have. i'll rake the entire yard and get the leaves all to where he wants them for compost. then i'll hoe the entire yard and then rake it again to get the weeds that i've just hoed. then i'll spread the wildflower seeds (we got four times as much as we needed to cover our area, i want a lot of flowers), and doc will spread the grass seed. and then well water the whole mess. so we need to get a hoe and a sprinkler.

and i want a hummingbird feeder. Cheeky Hummingbird has come back this spring. flying under the patio roof and buzzing me. it's time i feed this creature i have such a bond with.

i wonder what time doc went to bed. i don't remember waking up at all during my nap. usually i wake up a couple of times and look around and creep doc out. i don't remember doing that today.

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