Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what did i get myself into? is rather limited in the design options for photobooks, but their prices are the most reasonable. i'm making a 20 page book. four images to the page, that was the largest i could make them and still have them print well. and this is a high quality book. not hard cover, that was $10 more to the wholesale price. i didn't think it was worth it. so i have 80 images to make. well, 57. now that i've put my mind to it, it's going quite quickly and well.

i already want a better camera for them. not a go-pro. there's a $100 model that i'm looking into. i could save up for it. if it takes higher resolution pictures, i'm there. and if it does low light, i'm there. i'd like to send them out at dusk and dawn when they like to hunt.

i'm trying to keep the neighbor's privacy as safe as i can and am just working with closeups or really bizarre angles of houses. this is the most fun project i've thought of in a while.

on another note, i went through several archive disks yesterday and found a treasury of henry, chloe and young lelu pics. i think i have enough of hank and chloe to make tribute videos for them. i have to find the right music. maybe some ragtime, or new orleans jazz. nothing sappy and sentimental, a celebration of their lives. that's what i'll work on next, when i'm done with the book.

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