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you should see the high res version of this one. it's another composite HDR image, this time using images taken of different parts of the sky on one particular morning. so the contrails weren't that over done in real life, i overlayed them. next time i have to be sure to keep the trees out of the edges of the picture. the images with tree bits wouldn't render.

the image i posted alone earlier of the flowers is the background for my desktop. i may see if i can sell this one as a print/poster. i'm not sure it's high res enough, but if it is, i'm putting it up for sale. i'm that in love with it.

the contrail pic makes me want to experiment with other contrail pics i have. i have hundreds of them. i'll play with some tonight. maybe i can come up with some really great conspiracy theory images and sell them to some right wing nutbag site.

did i tell you i won a silver medal for that poem about praising god i wrote just for a contest to see if i could write a devotional poem? i did. apparently i can write a devotional poem that is convincing. i'm in the wrong business. i should be running a religion. too bad i have ethics.

i still haven't judged the two contests at allpoetry. i don't know what happened but all of a sudden i took a complete disliking to the entire thing. i guess it was the people. i expected more of them, i guess. academics and all. but no. poets are assholes, too. and drama queens to boot. it like talking to an actor. impossible. you can't take yourself too seriously.

there is a channel playing hours and hours of the Addams Family, the show. Fabulous. It's the only thing on, but what a thing!

Chewy has taken to sleeping with doc on his new bed. so the traitorous pup is in with doc right now and i'm on my own with the cats. no one went out with the cam today. i have three hundred pictures all ready to process and pick from. i'll stick to that right now and not overwhelm myself.

tomorrow i plant my plants. and i have a feeling doc will be going back to the nursery. next time we can take Chewy (they allow dogs!) and have him wear the cam. the nursery from dog's-eye view. we also ordered a half a pound of southwestern drought resistant wild flower seeds to spread out in the back yard. those will be here this week. i need to get a hoe before then. not the flat type, the other kind, it's hard to explain. This kind. I'll rake the yard tomorrow and get it ready for some hoe-ing.

the rose bush i got to replace the one that died is mini roses, orange/pink. so very pretty. i hope i can keep it alive. doc helped pick out the ground cover for under the tree. i chose red thyme and he chose some tiny white flowered fragrant as all get out cover. then i got a variety of plants that don't go together but are very pretty for the planter box. we also got three plum tomatoes and a yellow pepper plant. and i have the seeds for the herb garden all assembled and ready. those were from Kelli last year for my birthday and i never got around to planting them.

i'm really excited about the back yard this year. between the flowers and the fire pit and the futon, it will be pretty nice out there. i'm also going to take some mason jars that doc has and paint the insides with glue and glitter and use them as tea light holders. they are easy enough to hang from the ceiling of the patio. and gather in clusters on the ground. they are sturdy and safe.

then there's the reupholstering of the "nice" chairs (two old dining room chairs with regal appearances) and painting of them. i think i told you that doc and i decided on a really nice, deep egyptian blue.

my next task in photosop is to learn to overlay text over images, so that the text makes up the image. it takes a lot of patience and a lot of words. there are several different ways to do it. it just seems like the next logical step in my digital art. i've been seeing tutorials around and pinning them when i run across them, but always put them aside because they are so time consuming. time to break down that wall.

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