Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a raking and a weed pull would do wonders

kelli made an interesting point last night. if all i see for myself is loneliness and misery, why compound that by leaving all i know and my best male friend? why not just stay and learn to enjoy what i have?

sometimes it just takes a bit of Kelli to put things in perspective.

i'm still going to look into my options.

i kind of fucked up. my anti-psychotics were different looking, so i didn't read the label and just assumed they were double the strength of what i had been taking. nope. wrong. i've been on half meds all this time. *headslap*

i took six ambien last night. not all at once. just to sleep, when one wouldn't work, i would take another. i was still up all night. i made up for it this afternoon. i slept for four hours, after taking tylenol PM.

Chewy's would-be twin sister was up for adoption yesterday at the SPCA. oh, i so wanted her. same age as Chewy. could have been from the same litter.

i have amassed another 200 images the cats took. Felix is great, it's like he sets up the shots. The only problem, he spends a lot of time in dark places that just make the image go black. i tried to get any information i could from these shots, but nothing surfaced. tomorrow i'm sending Evie out with the picture feature instead of the video feature.

i got the template for the photo book. started just throwing some of the images that Vader had done that I had worked on, in. i don't know yet if i will title the pictures and caption them. as to who took the picture, the technique i used to process it, that kind of thing.

i actually used last night to promote Circus Catimus. i didn't realize they have three social media sites. i'm contemplating making a pinterest board for them. Eventually they will need their own space on

speaking of domains. Network solutions, after not bothering to tell me about expiring, have thrown themselves into panic mode over expiring. i finally read one of these emergency emails, and it doesn't explire until 6/2/14. i can pay for it next month. and this month renew all the registries for the pet's ID chips.

i think, i hear, that we are finally going to the nursery tomorrow. i'll believe it when i see it. we'll get there, or we won't. a little clean-up of our yard will make it look nice. a raking and a weed pull would do wonders.

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