Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


this night may not suck, after all.

i got in trouble with Kelli for not calling her. it's just so hard to reach out right now. it was nice to hear someone say they love me. and mean it.

i lost my binki three nights ago and haven't had a decent night's sleep since. it' just a satin tank top i cling to while i suck my thumb, but i rely on it to make me comfortable and secure. i just found it.

then i found a nice sized stash of pot tucked away where i had forgotten about it. which is good, because we are out. and our guy is in the hospital because he has a chronic back problem and won't use his medicaid to go to the doctor. i swear, i don't know what Obama is working for. He's leading a bunch of ignorant monkeys. and just in case you think that was racist, our guy is white. so there's nothing racist about him being an ignorant monkey.

soon they will open dispensaries here. soon as in the next 5 years. i'm getting so tired of the "law" in this state. legalize medical marijuana, but don't allow anyone to buy it legally. let a deadbeat with a bunch of armed cowpokes to intimidate. this state is sad. i'm getting disillusioned with it in a big way. i just love las vegas. if only the rest of the state could be educated. that would be a start. kicking all the mormons out would be a nice finish. let them have utah, that's what they slaughtered the Natives for, their precious salt lake valley. let them all gather there as if it were zion and ruin it for each other instead of the rest of us.

i'm not concerned with the states that want to secede. fuck them. there is no one state that is so important to the US that we can't do without it. if you're so unhappy here, by all means, separate yourself from all that is familiar and the social safety net. turn your state into a military state and imprison your residents with your poison ideas. go ahead. one less state for kids to memorize in school. what in the world makes anyone think that a state could separate itself successfully from the US? i mean, really look at it. all the federal money that goes into states to keep them afloat. all of the federal benefits and safeties. lost. gone. for what?

i've had enough with the constant sedition of the tea party. all they do is fight to undermine all that we have worked for for 200 plus years. they need to be put in camps. where they can hurt no one but each other with their big guns and silly hats. i guess we'll see in the next election if i'm planning to leave this country. i can't live under teabilly rule. i just can't. i won't. and i can't kill them all. there are too many of them and i don't have the firepower. but put a wad of them in a mall and arm me, and i'll take care of as many as i can.

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