Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

can i get a bitch to give a shit?!?!

i didn't twitter-cide. i decided it was more fun to continue my war on Teabillies with the Bundy Ranch thing. Since i keep hearing about it, can't avoid it here. i need to get my anger out somehow, and belittling ignoramus's does me nicely.

i'm feeling better because it is monday and i don't really have to see doc for the next five days. not long enough to talk about anything. he won't, so i don't want to be waiting around for it.

much later . . .

doc is in bed now. we didn't talk. he'll blow the whole thing off until i mention it again. the apathy burns!

can i get a bitch to give a shit?!?!

on the other hand, conservatives are far more fun to play with than christians. they are just hate machines, both. but conservatives will argue with you and try to be clever and make jokes that make no sense and then congratulate each other over it. it's really funny.

i can't wait for the eclipse tonight. it will be going down about the time i have to get doc up for work, so i'll set up the cameras before all of that and they will just be waiting for me to run out and snap photos. i have no hope of getting any good ones, my cameras just don't zoom that much, but i'm going to try using the tripods. which reminds me, i should set the batteries to recharge. good call, cyd.

i still didn't call kelli. i slept through the time i would have been able to, so. i don't want to bug her with this.

the waiting is killing me. i can't even get this started until the 28th when i see my doctor.

and there is the nagging question of what i'm going to do with the animals. chewy i may be able to take with me. people are more likely to let little dogs into their homes than cats. and he's little. he could live in my room. he would be happy as long as i took him out twice a day. but the cats. how do i find homes for the cats? i am proper fucked.

oh, there's a dog on TV named Chewy. it's a yappy little thing, good thing Chewy is sleeping through this.

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