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  • Mon, 01:40: Don't fucking question MY self-esteem, micro-dick. You're the one who likes to pick on girls from your mother's basement. #FuckingPathetic
  • Mon, 04:43: A great start to the morning.I blocked each and every person I heard negatively from last night while I slept.Every wanna be 1%-er, gone.
  • Mon, 04:49: RT @scATX: JCC shooting happened day before Passover and immediately following Right Wing media's praising of aggressive militia action.
  • Mon, 04:51: How does the victory of lawlessness in NV(#BundyRanch) affect the crazy actions of other armed militants, like the Jewish Ctr. shooter?Lots.
  • Mon, 05:26: RT @8NewsNow: The dispute between a NV cattle rancher & the BLM may be over, but protesters remain. The latest on the cattle battle at 5 a.…
  • Mon, 05:35: (Grain of salt time) According to here:, everything you Teabillies tell me is either wrong,or a lie.#BundyRanch #TCOT
  • Mon, 05:59: More Teabilly lies, ignorance, who can say? All I can do is laugh, it's like I'm the only one with Google here.
  • Mon, 06:04: Not that I needed it, but more proof that #ClivenBundy is not a patriot and is not interested in animals but his own.
  • Mon, 06:16: RT @GoldenSpirals: When I defend myself in reply to comments, those people who sent them are offended. If you don't want to be attacked, d…
  • Mon, 06:22: I haven't heard such #stupid questions since I taught my mom's middle school class with blue hair. These #teabillies are #THICK.
  • Mon, 11:09: I think it's cute how #teabillies vote against their own interests and then pray all goes right.
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