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  • Sun, 00:35: @clydetheslyde No casualties? Like all the citizens of this state who DO pay their fair share who were ass raped today? Yeah, good call.
  • Sun, 00:38: As late as I took my meds today,if I'd had a sniper rifle,this #BundyRanch thing would have ended a lot differently.#BloodBath #IgnorantTCOT
  • Sun, 06:36: #FuckYou #ClivenBundy and your abortion of business #BundyRanch. Die, rebel scum. I hope you suffer BADLY.
  • Sun, 06:58: RT @WiseGuyEddie: @Catlady628 Yes it did. Our party seems to be filled with "drama queens" and concern trolls looking for the next shiny th…
  • Sun, 07:01: My fellow #Liberals; in all seriousness, enjoy the summer, take some time to read some stuff and get READY TO #VOTE. Please? It's #free.
  • Sun, 07:06: RT:@abegarrison "@cydniey you are the craziest looking bitch I've ever seen. Did you take your libtard meds today?" - So do I weep now?
  • Sun, 07:09: I wasn't sure at first, but now I KNOW I'm right about #BundyRanch being so wrong because it's bringing out the lowest of the low in defense
  • Sun, 07:11: RT@abegarrison: "@cydniey I love being a teabagger. I will teabag your face." - Now see ladies, this is a #REAL #GOP man, manners and all.
  • Sun, 07:39: RT @CycicBludHound: If you were not so fucking biased, you would see that I refute a wide variety of bullshit.
  • Sun, 07:44: It's a bad day when my cheesy music mix just pisses me off. I haven't eaten for a couple of days, maybe it's that.
  • Sun, 07:45: RT @BeCoco77: Guys that spit on their dicks before sex. If she isn't wet enough already you're doing something wrong. -inspirational tweet
  • Sun, 08:09: #ClivenBundy poisoning my morning news. And get your shit-caked boots and redneck friends out of the fucking stream, twatwaffle! #BundyRanch
  • Sun, 08:12: #BundyRanch The bullies won. They scared everyone with their guns. That tears it, I'm getting a gun and my way from now on, I see how it is.
  • Sun, 08:19: It's not my problem that you don't agree with me. Rant on. It's not my fault you're bored this morning. I'm not listening. #BundyRanch #TCOT
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