Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

finally, a better day

it left me yesterday. the "feeling". i felt it melting away as i sat outside in the sun. that was a few hours after i went down the street with the camera and tripod to capture the sunrise for HDR experimentation (it didn't go well). I was just sitting outside and i felt myself feeling better slowly and completely. i had cabin fever, mixed with a lack of medication. put the two together and i was really out sick.

in fact, i am going to go up the street again and get this morning's sunrise . . . brb.

i am so fascinated by the images from the collar cam from Vader yesterday. Once the sun is fully up, Chewy is going out with it capturing video and sound. Then Felix goes out with it during the day. I think i'm going to do a series of manipulated images captured by the animals. there was a great pic of Bagira. some interesting images of plants. and a lot of car tires. a couple images from rolling around in the gutter of the street next to a house number painted on the curb. that's a cool shot.

they sit so still, i can even do some HDR pictures from series that they take. i didn't think of that before i deleted the set from Vader. I'll get more from Felix. i could do a whole book of images taken by my pets and processed by me. oh, hey, don't steal that. I think i'm going to make that a thing. that's a really neat angle to approach photography from. using domestic animals as the incidental photographers, and then processing the images to make them "artistic". yeah. i think i'll do that. so yeah don't do that. i trust you all.

i want to get a hedge hog. doc told me to research it on the web. so he's not against it. he's just going to make me prove how much i want it. it's a perfect alternative to a hamster or rat, which would never survive in this house. It can defend itself if it needs to. and they are supposed to be really friendly and smart little critters. i must admit, right now, not knowing anything about them, i'm mostly in love with the way they look. and i'll have to find a place for the cage. oh, on the printer table. i can put the scanner on the bottom shelf of the desk. cool. i can order everything online and get the perfect cage and bedding and food. and maybe even the critter. i have to find out how they are bred (shut up, i mean the human intervention in the breeding, i know how mammals breed). i want a baby to bond with. one young enough to trust me as mommy and get to know the other animals.

tomorrow i'm going to the nursery. i have to make a list of pots i have and priority that they get filled. i have a very limited budget to work with, but i won't know how limited until i get there.

yesterday we took the chainsaw to the palms and got them looking nice and found the concrete pathway again. even found the rose bushes. mostly dead. who the fuck plants palms around and through and in rose bushes? i don't know how to go about taking care of these things. hopefully after i rip out the two dead and now cut rose branches, doc can get the chainsaw to the third palm tree and get it trimmed. it isn't messing up the landscape, but it isn't healthy and needs to be trimmed. and with it trimmed, i can see the rest of the rose bush and maybe trim that up, or prune it or whatever you do to it.

the plants in the pots will be easier to take care of. i have a soil saving even watering method i learned on pinterest for the tomato plants. i'll need two bags of soil. or one big bag. four tomato/chili plants. the herb seeds go in the small pots. that leaves the box, which i might put flowers in. and two medium pots and a giant bowl. cacti in the bowl. and maybe agave in the pots. there, i've actually written it down and visualized it organized. it seems surmountable. if i can keep picky ass pot plants alive and thriving, i can grow some herbs and tomatoes to use in the kitchen.

doc has taken the winter to trash the studio. i plan on spending sunday in the garage rectifying that. his tools are all over the place and there is a book case in the middle of it and crap everywhere. argh. every time i go out there, i just get sad. i have to fix it. and i still have to find my box of pictures. those all need to be scanned. and it really bugs me that i can't find the box that contains the box of photos and all of my colored printer paper. see, i'm not just missing one thing. no, many things. they are all together somewhere. i will find them.

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