Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

let him get her all muddy

Chewy is out with the collar cam on. we had it on him at dawn, but he lost it going through the fence. i think i got it on more securely and hope that i won't be searching the neighborhood for it later today. though it does have my phone number on it in case it gets found. i'm just waiting for him to come back.

from the few pictures we got from the first session, i'm pretty happy. i mean, go to and write a review, happy. he moves generally too fast for the cam, it would be better in video mode for him. the cats should do okay with still mode. i have it set to take a picture every ten seconds. it's the least amount of time i can set it for.

we got a lot of pictures of his chin before, as he looked at the ground. but while he's running around, we should see something more. i hope i don't see him playing in traffic.

i've been experimenting with HDR pictures. Photoshop automates turning several images into an HDR image. i got a really nice pic of one of the truck tires. it looked almost 3D. the sunrise picture didn't turn out too well, the HDR process did some weird stuff to the colors. I was able to mitigate that in the third set of pictures i took. a shot of a small football and some wild grass. it will take some more experimentation. it's a reason to pull out one of my tripods.

okay, he's home. with the camera! and he's filthy, muddy. the cam is dirty as hell. this should be interesting. now he's chewing on Teeny, let him get her all muddy.

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