Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

but i was messing with it earlier and i am in love

what a great morning. i'm productive and creative. i'll be adding content to many of the links i provided last night. i'm just a creativity machine. like a switch got flipped back on, just like that. i'm doing a series of lomo photos.

i can't update my website right now because i can't run an FTP program and McAfee (no, they still haven't solved the problem, i am apparently the only person in the country having this issue) and i can't turn McAfee off. so i have to wait until i have a bunch of stuff for the website and then uninstall McAfee and do it and then reinstall. stupid program.

anyway, the traffic from the other sites i post on is almost promised to be more than my site, so filling them right now can't be a bad thing.

i actually made a print to sell on deviantart last night. it's an abstract/stylized american flag. i was just messing around, but really liked what i came up with. and it just happened to be of a resolution that i could put it up for sale.

my other laptop, the one that's only good for running the cam and refilling my mp3 player, is an XP machine. i can't upgrade it, it can't handle it. and even if i did, it would be useless to me because i need xp to run the mp3 player and cams. i'm going to see if i can get doc to make an offer on those two infected laptops at N's neighbor's house. Doc is trying to get N's wife to make these obnoxious things called "diaper bouquets" (google it, it's a thing, i don't want to go into it, it just scares me so) and sell them online. of course she would do the manufacturing and shipping and i would do the online presence for her. maybe we can work out a trade where she gets an ebay and facespace site and i get a couple of infected laptops.

i still havne't gotten the laptop to recognize the wireless router. not the wireless part. i'm obviously hooked up, but if i unplug, i'm offline. the kindle still hooks up fine, so it's something in the laptop. i'll study it more today. the solutions i found yesterday were complicated, dangerous and untested, so i skipped over them. i'm not messing with registry files unless i have to. there is a reason they make those difficult for you to get at. you have to take the proverbial jeffrie's tube to get to the registry editor in windows 7, and it never wants to let me save anything. stupid windows.

if you have photoshop and do a lot of photo editing, look into the Magic Bullet filter set. i got it for premier and the photoshop version was included. it's amazing. so many factory settings and each filter can be tweaked countless ways. i'm loving it. i'm not using it right now, really, to do the lomo processing, but i was messing with it earlier and i am in love.

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