Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


xmas tree down and shower taken. full hot shower with hair scrub and deep condition. as i knew, i feel better now. not about the tree. i'm sad about that and i cry every time doc mentions it. i still have to try to get it back in the box. i got all the ornaments packed in packing peanuts and bubble wrap in a hard plastic container that they can hardly get damaged in. i know where, up high, we're going to put it in the garage so nothing happens to it and it is safe until next year.

Kelli's new beau is a psychology buff and she was telling him about me and my "snakes on the floor" hallucinations. and he asked a question no doctor has ever asked me, did i just see them on the carpet, or on the tile, too? it never occurred to me. only on the carpet, by the way. i don't get the snakes on the tile anymore. i did once in the hospital, but not anymore. it's made this little time difficult because i sit on the floor usually.

doc took Chewy for a walk. i told him to take pictures. he looked at me like i was crazy. need more pictures of Chewy.

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