Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


the blood lust has been slept off. for now. doc is in bed. i can't seem to be around anyone right now, and he is anyone. so he went to bed when i got up. just to avoid hassle.

he's getting mad about the xmas tree. i haven't taken it down yet. i was going to march 1, but i got all weird. i don't think i've taken a full shower since then, either. a couple of baths and a spray off of the stinky parts every couple of days, but my hair really needs to be washed. my scalp itches like a motherfucker and i know nothing but a good washing will make that better.

why can't i do anything?

at least Waterworld is on. that comforts me. i don't know why. i'm out of pot until tomorrow. this makes tonight okay, but i'm not looking forward to tomorrow. it has been key to keeping me together while the anti-psychotics build back up in my system.

you know what business could use some integrity? drug dealing. or at least corporate corruption would be all right as long as there was decent customer service. i don't know, just because you sling some pot doesn't mean you have to be a low riding gangsta bitch ass douchenozzle. you know what I mean? is this making any sense at all? and i'm talking about hippies here, not street slingers. people with homes and families and such. they are still assholes. they are pimps. they own you and they know it and the free market does nothing about it. something to think about.

Kelli calls him Biran Setzer, we just call him Stray Kitty. He looks like Felix, black mask on his face and all. he isn't skin and bones, but no one is taking care of him. he has set up camp behind a dead xmas tree doc has in the yard for the fire pit. I caught him eating today, so i feel better about putting food out there. for a while i thought it was just bagira eating it all. When i am sitting outside smoking, if i am alone, i hear him meow, and if i meow back at him, he comes out from where he's hiding and lets me talk to him. he just stares at me and listens to my voice, and then i always go get him something to eat or some treats.

no, we are not adopting another cat. for one, he is hurt. he has a big scrape on his front leg, and we can't afford to take him to the vet. if i can get him near enough, i can clean it out. but it looks as if he's been doing really well at that. the blood is bright red, so it's fresh. there is no swelling or discharge. and it's a shallow wound from what i can see. and he isn't limping. it's like he doesn't know it's there. but i am going to keep feeding him and make him feel welcome when he's here. part of that is keeping Chewy away from him. Chewy knows Stray Kitty isn't one of his cats, so he's very protective of the back yard.

okay, i wrote and i feel better. i think i'll work on some photos. i found a company that makes really nice, thick paged photo print books and i'm trying to assemble a set for one to show off my photography.

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