Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


he actually did research into my meds yesterday. he is so in tune with me that he notices every little change. often when i do not. it was him that noticed my xanax dose was too high and got me to adjust it. he knows each month and warns me when my period is going to start. that may sound creepy, but we've been together something like 17 years, he knows the rhythym and i am oblivious to it.

tonight Doc, Chewy and I are supposed to take the bus downtown for First Friday. We'll use the soft carrier on the bus for Chewy, so doc can put it in his backpack when we get down town and put Chewy's leash and harness on. Sheryl Crow is playing downtown tonight, outside, i think. we don't have tickets, but i bet we'll be able to hear it. the only downside is that it's going to be cold. in the 60s and windy. tomorrow it's supposed to be warm and gorgeous, but not tonight. bah.

i can't stop reaching out on twitter and getting slammed back down to earth. I said the wrong thing last night and woke up to too many messages from tweeners about how stupid i am. i don't need this shit. fuckers. i reported them all for spam for leaving me so many messages. they can spend the day suspended from twitter. should be a nice Friday for them. i'm getting meaner in my old age. or maybe just braver.

i'm going to ask this again, but here goes . . . why are people such asshats? i don't get it. it's like there is no one nice out there left at all. i don't even believe you all exist, you are all figments of my imagination, this whole livejournal is. it's always been a sanctuary on the net for me, therefore it can't be real.

much much later . . .

so we didn't go to First Friday tonight. Because, why would we go out? Doc leaves the house to work and shop and go to his friend's house. he doesn't want to go out any other time. no one worry that i have only been out to the doctor in the last three months. no problem. i don't need to leave the house. i'll just stay here and rot. no problem. seeing nothing but the inside of the same house for two years is no big deal. i went to a grocery store one time. oh, and there was the time i went to see my nana in the hospital. that counts as going out, right?


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