Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i hate this day. i really do

i did it. i changed my name on Facebook to Cydniey Buffers. i have now removed all web vestiges of association with my birth name. Lulu finally let me change my name last week, after a site re-vamp. so i was able to take the damned name off of my author page. very soon, google searches for my given name will no longer lead to me, they will lead to some girl in south eastern PA. What are the odds we lived within miles of each other for years.

i think this year i will finally legally change the name. get it official on my medicare card and ID and bank statements. break completely with the last of the family. the dealings i had with them, including my Nan, at the beginning of the year just showed me i don't fit with those people and i no longer want to. the weird email exchanges with my "brother" or who ever that was also showed me i want no part of any of them. they all make me look sane. and i can say that after the last week i've had. which is saying something.

for those of you who don't watch late night comedy central, there is a game show on called @Midnight. during it, there is a round called Hashtag Wars, and tonight's subject was #RuinACartoon. I've been going apeshit with this hashtag. I don't think i've ever posted on Twitter this much since i got the account. if you haven't seen it, it's a funny show, and especially fun to follow hashtag wars on twitter. the comedians only have 60 seconds to come up with the answers, the twitterverse has all night, it's hilarious.

i have no plans for tonight, but i want to stay up. i'm not tired, for once.

i can't FTP files to my server because McAfee isn't done fucking with me. tomorrow i have to get this resolved. it's been an inconvenience up until now, now it's stopping me from working.

Following my politics to the bitter end, i am now a Chrome user, not a Firefox user. Firefox's CEO is having some issues with the LGBT crowd. that's me. so, fuck them. they don't need us? fine. i'm happy to let google further simplify my life. i got it installed and completely configured in under 5 minutes. beat that.

i got an imgur account. there's only one picture up there right now. i plan to change that as the day progresses. they have a "viralizer" for your images, i wanted to see if it would work, if it would make my Evie meme go viral. nope. oh well. it's likely an april fool's joke. i hate this day. i really do.

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