Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

that feels pretty good

I've spent the morning making a google plus page and youtube channel for Circus Catimus. yes, some where else you have to bookmark me to follow me and my endeavors. i got them a twitter account, too. since they are all smart asses.

today i thinnk i'll move the stuff in my room and fill the book case. i only need doc's help moving two things. the book case and the dresser. i can move the records and entertainment stack. then i'll hook it up. and i will call Cox today and schedule them to come out and install a box in my room. doc doesn't want to because he spends all night at work on the phone. i get that. i have the pin code now, so i can make changes to our subscription. then i'll take pictures of the room. after i put some art up and unpack my gargoyles.

it's amazing how much better i feel. just that simple pill each morning makes all the difference. of course, the anti-depressants help, too, but i i didn't go without those. just the anti-psychotics. i learned last night my old dose of xanax is too much for me. i was acting drunk, doc pointed out. so i just took half this morning. and i feel good. relaxed, not scared. but not woozy. woozy isn't the point.

doc and i decided on a nice roman egyptian blue for the furniture on the patio. finally. a consensus. and we're going to go to the nursery and pick out the wildflowers we're going to plant out on the "lawn". something close to the ground. no yellow. i hate yellow.

okay,, i just moved and loaded up the book case. i just need him to move the dresser/mirror. and i unpacked five boxes! most of the boxes in the back room right now are his junk. that feels pretty good.

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