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I read Pandora, by Anne Rice, today. Over the last two days, i read Merrick. Now I'm re-reading The Vampire Lestat. I have at east five more Rice books to go before I run out. Then on to something else.

I got a collection of 3,000 popular books. Everything from Aristotle to Stephen Colbert. Once I'm done with Rice, I will go back to my high school syllabus and re-read the classics.

For some reason I read really fast on a Kindle. I never would have finished that book in one day if it were a paper book. I think it is because I can take the Kindle everywhere with just one hand, so I don't have to stop reading to eat or smoke. or walk down the hall.

So, all this anti-gay bullshit in Uganda? The fault of American Christian Evangelicals. A group of those freaks went there and held a conference on homosexuality and presented themselves as scientists. And they spouted all of their poison. And the poor, misled Ugandan president, who wasn't burdened with an overabundance of learning, himself, fell for it all.

They are not content to ruin America, they have to fuck up the rest of the world, too. Christianity has a long history of taking advantage of the ignorant to further its dogma. I used to blame the people, not the religion, but I'm coming to understand that the religion is just as much to blame, it has been unchanged in its tactics since its inception. It has been a scam since the start.

i'm beginning to picture a severe future, where the Evangelicals have taken over the country. The poor are left to fend for themselves. Pre-natal care is almost unheard of in the name of not interfering with God's plan. The rich Evangelicals, for that is all that is left, the poor have died off and no longer drag the scene down, live in fortresses, away from the food riots in the streets. Children are abandoned by the dozens as birth defects rise and care declines, and the poor are no longer able to care for them. (though they keep having them because birth control is no longer available) The borders are closed to all and the country begins a long process of isolating itself socially from the world while simultaneously jumping militarily into every conflict that arises in the world.

This is our future, people. This is what we have to look forward to. As hopeful and positive as the left is, the right is in the majority, or at least it keeps winning the ruling vote: congress. We are losing our country to ignorance and religion. It is only a matter of time before one of these loons is president.

Universities will be shut down in the name of social conservation, to rid society of all of those liberal professors. History will be destroyed and rewritten, the truth lost forever. Books and music and art will be destroyed in the name of god and jesus. All of the nightmares of past despots will be our future because they rewrite history and they don't learn and they are so gullible.

I have no hope for our future. Not as a country. Not as a republic. Not as a democracy.

And what will they have when they reign? An all-consuming feeling of love and fulfillment? righteousness? They will have no security, no rest. The left makes noise now, and the right likes to say we're being Nazis, but they don't know what living in fear and oppression really are. The poor, driven to give up their children, their homes, their dignity, will rise up. But by that time, the party that rises will not be any better than the one in charge. by this time, the left will have learned, too well, that you cannot use facts to compete with dogma. They will make up one of their own. It will be too late. It is almost too late.

I thiink i'm going to take the above four paragraphs and write my first tumbrl essay. I've had a tumblr account for a while now, but haven't known what to put up there, i want to make it different content than i have already out in the ether. so i figured, political stuff. i can rant and be a left-wing nut job and dedicate that space to it. i am pretty sure i have my first essay right here.

i had the most brilliant english teacher in college that taught me a simple formula to write informative essays. here, i'll open photoshop and draw the formula for you. I will never forget it. and i followed it and got straight A's on my papers because of it, not just in her class, either.

it's supposed to look like a roman temple. i'm not very good freestyle in photoshop. it's the simplest thing. it of course can be expanded upon, but that is the basic of it. and i always kept my papers organized after that. so i'm going to use the same formula to write my tumblr essays. how can it go wrong?

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