Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

when I get up in the middle of a nap

And we got nothing done today. I slept. Doc didn't feel well. He went a got the laundry from N's house, but other than that, it was a wash. My bed is still in the hallway. The fencing is still wrapped up. The palm trees still unruly. And the kitchen still a mess. I'll clean that in the morning when I get my rush of energy. Right now I'm trying to decide whether to stay up or lay down for another couple of hours. I'm lazy like that.

I'm making the switch back from Facespace to Twitter. I have plugged in all my news outlets, and then some. That should keep me off Facespace, and away from conflict. People are ugly, I want no part of them. You people aren't ugly. You people are pretty. I like you all, you can stay.

I have a huge swollen spider bite on my forearm. It itches like mad. The first day it wasn't swollen, and I mistook it for a bedbug bite. But on the second day, it got big and the itching didn't go away, it got worse. I hope I squished that motherfucker in my sleep. Big itchy lump on my arm, driving me crazy. Rarr.

I finally got to watch Cosmos. Brilliant. I noticed the Right went off on Twitter about it last night. What did they think? Tyson was going to continue Carl Sagan's legacy by dispelling all those pesky evolution myths? I mean, really. Science, people. I know it seems new, but it's actually hundreds, maybe even, dare I say, thousands of years old. Deal with it. Way to go, Seth McFarlane.

If I make a fresh pot of coffee, I am pretty much guaranteed to lay down, it always happens that way. But this stale coffee is really awful. I should eat something, I've been on a starvation thing, I realized. I just simply haven't been eating for no real reason. It just never occurs to me.

I have a list of work to do, sitting here, written in red and teal according to priority, in a spiral notebook that I spilled a cup of coffee on last week. And I am ignoring it. Though it's hard. The thing is in my periphery.

And for some reason, I am currently driven to chain smoke. The only thing stopping me is that I have no smokes stuffed.

I think I'll make that pot of coffee and actually try to stay up. If I smoke outside, I'll stay up. It's when I smoke in the kitchen that I get tired because that is where I smoke when I get up in the middle of a nap.

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