Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

he's good like that.

doc's first night in his new bed. i wake him up in 15 minutes.

oh, here comes Evie, she's spotted that my lap is empty and is coming right for me!

settle down, cat-dear. good girl.

i never did the poetry thing today, and i don't see it happening tonight. i will make myself do it tomorrow and then stay away from the site until i'm feeling it again.

that reminds me i have to search my disks for some video footage from last spring. i know i have it somewhere. not a real problem if i don't. i'm mainly just curious to see it again.

i didn't watch Cosmos. i'll watch it on demand later. i slept. i stayed awake all day to be up to move my bed in when he got home from his friend's house. then the bed didn't fit. we have to take it apart. we need another half inch of room. bah.

then the coffee maker broke. i can't get the container back into the unit right. i'll let doc mess with it. he can fix things, he's good like that.

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