Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


it's kind of funny, we have four beds and two couches and I have no where to sleep right now. unless i want to go outside and lay down in the back of the big ass truck on my new futon. doc's room smells like bug killer, my room is. . . bad, the guest room bed is covered with boxes, doc is on the big couch and the little couch is drying because a cat peed on it so i had to clean it. maybe i'll bite the bullet and go into my bedroom. i could take the laptop and some music to make it not so damn quiet in there.

something went down on the next street over last night. a helicopter was circling above the neighborhood with it's spot on the street behind the house across the street from us. at about the same position of our place. it was out there for about an hour, no sirens or anything, though. i did not take the dog for his midnight walk.

we have so much to do tomorrow. and doc is going out to do laundry. we have to put the fencing up because just taking chewy out on a leash isn't doing it for his exercise, he won't run around at the dog park. i think he's scared of open spaces. so he needs to be able to run around the back yard. plus, i will be going out there a lot more often and i want to be able to let him come with me. so we have got to do the fencing tomorrow. that cannot wait.

and i have to bring my new futon in and put it in my room. i think i'm going to get rid of the headboard piece i use. and maybe align the bed differently in the room. i don't know. doc wants me to do whatever i want to to my room so i will go back into it. i was so happy to get my own room back when i didn't like him. and now that we like each other again, i'm never in my room. but neither is he. in his room, i mean.

tomorrow i have to do some stuff on the poetry site, like judge two contests. and that's all. i'm devoting the day to doing stuff around the house and yard. i'm going to trim the palms and doc is going to figure out a way to put the fronds on the roof of the ugly tin shed.

yeah, i'm going to take the laptop and go back into my room and lay down for a couple of hours.

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