Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

doc just forwarded me and email that said this:

"OK, Alan, my friend,

That was the most excellent quiche I have ever, make that EVER, had. And I do not typically like quiche all that much. Your quiche I LOVED.

You owe me a recipe! Like NOW, man. I want to try making it this weekend for Nick and the girls. Yum!

Kay loved it too!


This is all thanks to Lilliane!!! That was one of his supervisors! and the quiche was three days old and microwaved, imagine how she would have liked it fresh! I miss my restaurant. well, it wasn't mine, but i had carte blanche in the kitchen and quiche was our specialty. Though there it was 2" deep instead of just an inch because we had some fancy european pans that I cannot find anywhere online, i'm going to have to go to a kitchen store.

If you get a minute and are curious, check out the map on it's the little black and grey one on the bottom left, sometimes it's a globe, sometimes it's a map. it has red dots from everywhere i get visitors. Check out europe! I'm big across the pond. i love looking at that map. i wish i could know more about where my traffic comes from. i study my site statistics. i get a lot of referrals from apparently a music site. i say apparently because it is not available in this country, so the website tells me nothing.

i have a problem with the above email, though. i have no recipe. i guess i could make one up. i've never been good at that. i mean i even have leftover unseasoned quiche filling in the fridge for french toast this week. french toast made with some cream or half and half is so good. the difference is amazing. same thing with mac and cheese, use half and half instead of milk in your homemade batch, it's amazing.

another good thing to do is take those giant cinnamon buns you get baked at the store, let them go a couple of days stale and then slice them horizontally into three slices and use those as the bread in french toast. oh, that is decadent. i worked at a place that was famous for their cinnamon rolls and always had some left over, so it became famous for its cinnamon roll french toast. brilliant and simple idea. you can do it with smaller rolls, too, i suppose. i don't see why not.

thus ends the cooking lesson.

i'm going to work now. it's 4:30, i've slacked off enough.

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