Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm going to go google that

dammit. i'm so inconvenienced. i can't stand it. why can't everything be easy for me? why can't i be special and blessed? right.

okcupid is getting silly. there was that exchange with the guy i posted earlier, i had another shot at him, to which he replied he had someone half naked on his bed. i let that all go, it was getting creepy. i have another guy who just wants to have sex with me and has spent a lot of time trying to talk me into it. Now that's sexy, a guy who won't take no for an answer. i told him that, he didn't get the sarcasm. i fear for our future. i had to let that one go, too. i was on the verge of getting ancestorily abusive. (who knew, "ancestorily" isn't really a word, i just made that up for my convenience.)

it took me two hours to get that stupid mcafe off of my computer so i could reinstall it right. it's still all through my registry, but i had to let that go. i'm not secure enough to go messing with the registry.

it's almost time to wake doc up and i don't want to. i don't want to deal with him. it's not the fighting, we don't do that so much anymore, it's the tense silences or curt sentences that kill me. and there has been too much of that lately.

i've been trying to keep up with him and clean up after him and be a good wife, because, what else am i doing with my life? and i can't keep up. tomorrow i'm going to dedicate two hours to cleaning up. there's just bits of clutter everywhere. a wine glass here, a greasy pan on the stove, change and tissue on the dining room table, cat toys everywhere. it gets to me.

i can't believe this week is over already. tomorrow is First Friday, he asked if i wanted to go, to console me. i don't know. do i?

several hours later . . .

doc got up early and got ready for work early so he had some time to sit down with me and ask where i've been. and what he can do to bring me back. he told me a bunch of cool things i needed to hear from him and didn't even realize it.

okay, i'm going to go set Bollux back up the way he's supposed to be. i've lost three days to this crash and that is enough.

while i'm remaking that video of chewy and the cats, i'm going to cut in some footage i got yesterday and make it a full collaborative thing with them. i got some "hard rock" music to back it. i'm going to save the jazz track i was using for a video specifically about Chewy, he's a smooth jazz kind of dog/cat.

dog/cat. about that. do not tell him he's a dog. he wouldn't eat his pig's ear until Teeny and Vader had chewed on it first. He hoards his biscuits and buries them under pillows and socks like the cats do with dead lizards. he cleans his face with is paws. yes, he does that. i will get it on video to prove it. last night he spent 15 minutes licking his flank, just like the cats do. when he started this licking all the time we checked him thoroughly for skin issues like an allergy that was causing him to itch. but i wasn't convinced it was medically driven, because he wasn't chewing and nipping, he was just calmly licking. after checking him and making him go without treats for a few days to make sure it wasn't them, he still grooms himself.

as doc and i were talking last night, Chewy was in between us just licking away at his flank. we just looked at each other and laughed. then we asked each other where the dog went and where this cat came from. Chewy snorted and went to his biscuit place. (the spot in the kitchen where he sits or stands, depending on the command, and waits to get his biscuit). So i got up and gave him a biscuit just for being exceptionally cute.

Speaking of Chewy, i let him out a half an hour ago and he's not home yet. he must be having fun. it's only 4 in the morning, he can run around without bothering anyone. i wonder if we could take him to first friday. that would make it worth going to. i don't want to spend too much time in the galleries, anyway, i'm more interested in the street scene. i'm going to go google that.

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