Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i'm such a hopeless case. i don't know what my problem is, but it's with doc. i could rattle off a list of meaningless things i have taken offense at, but it doesn't matter. my problem is with him, not what he's doing. or maybe it's with what he's doing and not with him. oh fuck, i've given myself a headache.

he was pissed at me so he installed the Entire security suite on to Bollux. This means every page i go to has a little green check mark graphic next to every fucking link it approves of.

and rather than just take it off and start again, i sulked. all day. went into my room in the sterile silence and just laid there. finally i went to sleep for a few hours. i got up and doc went to couch. so there was no chance to talk or anything. nice. and i'm still expected to get him up with coffee and toast at 11:30. so i can't go back to my room. no alarm clock. no clock.

i will eventually calm down and he will fall asleep (i know he's listening to me type and thinking good things to himself, that i am snapping out of "it") and i will figure out how to get rid of and then re-acquire the security suite to my specifications. and once i have that working, i will start to reload all of my software again.

today i did learn to record sound off video played on the computer. i couldn't find the clips i wanted to make my sounds for Bollux, so i decided to make them myself. that took a couple of hours to figure out and accomplish. now i have the power to make my computer say anything to me that i want it to. HA! it drives doc crazy. Every time the USB connects, Bollux says, "Ain't we just.", from Firefly. When I get email, Kaylee says "shiny".

maybe i'll record my own sounds. like "good one, dipshit" for critical stop. no, i'll keep using movie clips that i create. i got some from the Fifth Element. I want to get "inconceivable" from the Princess Bride for something. i'm a nerd. i know. i used to have Doctor Who sounds, but then every one did. now i'm back to the old standards.

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